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Text Types and Styles of Writing: Complete Guide

Let’s start with the basics: different text types, also called text types, are key to good communication. We often encounter texts of different forms and purposes in everyday life and work. Knowing these differences helps us to understand others better. We will introduce the basic types of texts: fiction, non-fiction, spoken, written, formal and informal. …


Literary Genres and Types: Complete Study Guide

Literary genres are the basic categories for classifying literary works. These categories are important because they allow us to understand and classify literary works according to their characteristics, such as form, style, theme, and purpose. Literary genres are divided into three main groups: lyric, which comprises poetic works expressing emotions; epic, which includes narrative works …


Idioms, Euphemisms, Expressions, Proverbs, and Other Phrases: Study Guide

Phraseology studies phrases, including idioms, euphemisms, slang, proverbs, clich├ęs, jargon, phrasal verbs, and fixed expressions, which play vital roles in language. This field examines how these elements affect communication and reflect cultural identity. Knowing more about phraseology helps improve speaking and writing by helping one understand the subtle ways language works. Improving your essay writing …


Narrative Essay Writing Tips for Engaging Stories

A narrative essay invites you to share a personal experience through writing. This essay type focuses on telling a story from your point of view, using details and dialogue to pull readers into your world. It’s not just about listing events; it’s about conveying emotions and insights, connecting your readers to your story. When you …


How to Write a Composition: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to your guide to composition writing. Here, we focus on the essentials, helping you develop your skills step by step. Whether you aim to persuade, inform, or entertain, this guide lays the foundation for effective writing. You’ll find tips on selecting topics, organizing your thoughts, and polishing your final draft for maximum impact. Let’s …


How to Write a Character Description: A Complete Guide

Ready to make your characters unforgettable? The key lies in mastering how to write a character description. We’ll cover everything from outlining their physical appearance to giving them depth with their personality and background. In this guide, you’ll find direct instructions and practical advice. We focus on “how to write a description” that is both …